About Us

It’s all About the Code

Pleased to meet you, we are Dangercode.
We are a young reality but we have a big mission: to support talent, commitment and hard work! We are based in the UK but we have no boundaries. Our products were created to support the energy of those who follow their dreams. Because we believe that clarity originates from mental relaxation. Because if your head is going fast, it needs to be able to do so for longer. Because if your mind is creative, it shouldn’t also be distracted. Stay alert thanks to caffeine’s natural principles, and get rid of lapses of concentration.


Our Code

We believe in making a difference, in the extra mile that separates first place from second.
We believe in passion and in the courage to pursue dreams.


Our People

Are You in target?

Our products were created for you!
We believe in people, those who don’t settle, who show strength and determination in everything they do.

% Designers
% Developers
% Marketers
% Producers
% Gamer
% Everyone has a dream